Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sunlight and tinsel

Venturing out into the winter wonderland to buy a tree, bringing it home, draping it with lights. The scent of homemade mince pies, cloves and cinnamon, lingering in the air. Marvelling at sunlight on tinsel and winter greenery, and through geranium petals in the cold, cold conservatory, as it broke through the clouds mid-afternoon. The snowy garden, tranquil in the late afternoon light. Making plate after plate of canapes for the drinks party this evening, mixing festive cocktails, popping corks, greeting old family friends. Spiced nuts and retro Snowballs, complete with glace cherry, and a cake stand piled high with tiny squares of chocolate brownies, dusted snow white with icing sugar and edible glitter. Music, the clinking of glasses, laughter, conversation.

Speaking to M on the phone, a few counties away, wishing he was here.

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  1. It might sound odd but one of my favourite Christmas smells is tinsel. Followed by satsumas!