Sunday, 7 February 2010

Photos from a weekend

Signs of spring, emerging underneath a beech tree. Golden aconites, dew-wet snowdrops.

Boisterous dogs, sleeping ones. Wet tongues and cold noses.

Details from a small Northamptonshire town.

A station platform, silent at dusk. Breath condensing in cold air.

Farmers' market tulips, to brighten a friend's new home.

And tomorrow is Monday again.


  1. Those snowdrops are divine. A sure sign that spring is on its way.
    We have red tulips just like that in our garden. Well, we will... in a month or two!

  2. what a brilliant, though slightly messy job, to deal in CAKE (yes please) corn (meh...) seed (meh...) and manure (errrr, no thanks)?! imagine if you got them mixed up! I dont think it really means cake, but imagine being a cake dealer! what a job.

  3. Aconites are so underrated!

  4. Spring really is on its way here in England isn't it - I keep seeing tiny signs too!!
    Let's hope this forecast snow is minimal.
    Have a great week