Thursday, 13 January 2011


Yesterday I booked my flights to Japan to go see M at Easter. Something to look forward to on these grey drizzly days when I wake each morning and for a moment find I have forgotten that he left on Monday, only to remember, and be sad.

But seeing M aside, Japan is somewhere that I have never been but for a long time have wanted desperately to, so all in all I am pretty darn excited.



  1. wow wow wow! so jealous and what a thing to look forward too! also think of the blossom - there will be blossom right?

  2. Have a super nice time in Japan. I look forward to seeing some pictures as I wish to go there some day myself!

    I hope he got to visit for Christmas despite the snow.

    Speak soon.


  3. That is something to really look forward to! I have been to Japan once and I can't wait to return one day!

  4. Yes I think there should be blossom at that time of year, fingers crossed!

  5. Hurrah for booking flights! Hang in the lovely, and fill you life with nice things till you get to see him again!

  6. Yeay! That sounds fantastic, Japan is a place which intrigues me hugely so I shall look forward to more of your amazing photography to get to know it a little better. Hope the time before seeing M again flies.

  7. Sorry to hear that M has gone but yeah for going to Japan. I think I would spend a small fortune if I visited on stationery products alone!

    Easter will be here before you know it and you will be jetting away.