Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Weekend, misc.

Okay puppies, so I've been awol again. But last weekend was Big Feastival, three days of fun and madness and hardly any sleep. Lynne has been far more organised than I and got a post up already here, mine will be a couple more days at least, but in the meantime, here is the week/weekend before last, also a scorcher.

There was cricket at the Oval, cider and smooth grass, but no cricket whites. Dinner at Riding House Cafe with my parents, gin, elderflower and cucumber cocktails, figs and goats' curd. Brunch at a friends then, later, juice and slabs of cake at Jak's in Knightsbridge, air hot and sticky, crates of oranges glimpsed through windows. An evening spent in North London, dinner at some friends', we drank our own version of a gin, elderflower and cucumber cocktail, ate Nigel Slater's peach and blueberry cobbler for dessert as the sky darkened and swallows (or swifts?) dipped in and out of the gables of the house opposite. Watched Coldplay perform at Glastonbury on the BBC, reminded me of being a teenager, owning their albums. Sunday we hit Southbank, drank iced drinks from Dishoom pop-up, sat on the rooftop garden of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, melted and melted, enviously watched the children screeching and running in the fountains, then escaped to the air conditioned Hayward Gallery with J and H to see the Tracey Emin. I actually really liked most of it, didn't think I would, but I did. The quilts especially.

Sunday night M and I took ourselves up to Primrose Hill with a couple of takeaway pizzas from Marine Ices, a few bottles of beer and a picnic rug. Sat and talked as the sun went down, to the background chatter of other visitors to the hill, and the chords of a nearby guitar.


  1. Ah i love primrose hill, sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. Lovely lovely, as usual. I work near the riding house cafe and walk past it every day but havent been able to afford to go in yet (darn pennies!)

    Also- Belated congratulations on your new job! I've been meaning to comment for ages, so apologies for my tardiness- but Hooray! Im really pleased for you!

    p.s looking forward to finally meeting you on Sunday!

  3. triple treat!
    i like twinsies but a triple treat is good luck!

  4. So summery... loving the shot with the kite :) I love the southbank and that so makes me wish we could move a chunk of it up to Scotland (London's had it for long enough right?) ;)

  5. Ah...so glad I read this the night before I come down to London! I am filled with inspiration. I especially want to check out Dishoom.

    Can't wait to meet you on Sunday!x