Sunday, 27 November 2011

Autumn weekends V

Then we are into mid November and everywhere you look men are growing moustaches. We go to some engagement drinks near Fleet Street, then afterwards on to a Ocean's Eleven (1960 version) party in London Fields, walk past the city of tents outside St Paul's Cathedral on the way between the two, dressed in jewels and furs, the juxtaposition is strange. Saturday breakfast at Made in Camden, a recent discovery but a good one, spiced chickpeas, saffron yoghurt and eggs, banana buttermilk pancakes, poached strawberries. Another discovery is Goldhawk Road where I go to buy fabric for upcoming Christmas craft fairs - so many fabric shops on such a short stretch, but they just blow me away with the variety of colour and pattern. An afternoon spent crafting at an old school friend's in south London, we sit and stitch, eat buttered crumpets, watch 'Singing in the Rain' (which I hadn't actually ever seen before), dog at our feet. Just what I needed after a manic week. In the evening it's out east for Vietnamese on the Kingsland Road with some friends, then to a bar for margaritas before making it to the most wonderful cocktail bar, hidden in a small basement, great atmosphere, quiet enough not to have to shout, cocktails delicious, barmen all sporting very dapper moustaches. I'll post about it soon. The night air is misty when we finally emerge. A Sunday walk across Primrose Hill and Regent's Park, the farmer's market, another afternoon needle and thread in hand. In the week, craft nights, returning to my old work for another colleague's leaving drinks, baked Camembert for dinner, and I am reminded all over again why this is my favourite season.


I am trying desperately to catch up on all my autumn posts before we slip into December. Today the Shoreditch Sisters were at Bust Christmas Craftacular sharing a table with the legend that is Rob Ryan (he is amazing!!), and so already feeling the Christmas twinges, need to get all the browning leaves, laced up boots and Hampstead Heath fungi out the way before things get too festive round here.


  1. Your autumn weekends look cosy and delicious and Londony and colourful. So, pretty good all in!

    p.s. Those are some GORGEOUS boots.

  2. Umm, wow! There is an awful lot of delicious food to drool over in this post! Mmmmm.

    I love the blue sky and autumn leaves, too. We had that until last week when the rain and wind came. Now it's grey skies and not a leaf to be seen {well, not on the branches anyway! just alllll over the ground...}

  3. It always look you have a great time you seem to fit so much into your life.

  4. Ooh, those pancakes look amazing. Will have to try Made in Camden one weekend.

  5. Good boots! Really like them... and oh missing the autumn sunshine already. I don't mind you sharing more of it when december is here! (And yes to the moustaches... though lots of guys I know are cheating and growing beards that they're going to shave later!)