Monday, 26 March 2012

Richmond, first sun

We've had so many days of warm sunshine recently, but I think this one might have been the first. The last weekend in February. In the pub the night before, making friends with inquisitive dogs, spilling Sambuca all over my handbag, last ones in the room as the staff upturned chairs and swept the floor. Waking fuzzy headed on the Saturday to sunlight, bright and warm, then on a whim deciding to go to Richmond to meet M, sticky, aniseed scented handbag and all. Drinks by the river and a stroll along the water, painted boats and blue sky, early blossom. Lunch from the farmers market then the overground back North to meet Anna for a coffee at the Camden Arts Centre, sitting in their garden above the Finchley Road for the first time that year.


  1. Beautiful, springlike photos!

  2. Bluck to aniseed scented handbag! Oh man, I so can't do fuzzy head hangovers and then smell something like aniseed the next day! (I'm a wuss!) Hopefully there's lots more sunny days to come (we had snow, sleet and hail today!!)x