Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It was a Saturday afternoon. The Friday before had been horrible, a complete meltdown in an assessment which I should have breezed, then a late finish, last in the office, eyes blurring behind the computer screen as I struggled to complete a piece of work with a Monday deadline. The week following wasn't much better, a stupid o'clock start on the Monday to finish said piece of work, and then playing catch up with my inbox for the rest of the week.

But that Saturday afternoon was perfect, made even more so sandwiched as it was between the two. The sun was out, and despite power cuts on the overground and confusing Transport for London instructions we made it to Kew, where bright yellow daffodils lined the paths and parakeets flew between the branches of still bare trees. We walked by the river, through the rhododendrons, sat for awhile in front of the pagoda, climbed a staircase and emerged onto a walkway in the treetops, wandered beneath palm fronds and past cacti in the glasshouses.

Looking back at the photographs the afternoon is now graced with a dreamlike quality, flowers taken in the hot houses through a misted up lens or outside, blue and star-shaped, glowing, other-worldly. The sun slipping behind the Palm House, calling it all to a close.


  1. Looks like a beautiful, tranquil day!

  2. Sounds like just what you needed. Looks pretty.

  3. Definitely my kind of day out. I love the last photo

  4. That last photo is especially lovely!

  5. Utterly gorgeous. That treetop walkway just went to the top of my List.

    I'm going to go against the crowd and say my favourite photo is the first.

  6. I've only been to Kew once, on my very first trip to London and my second day there. It was a hot, hot day in August, and the greenhouse felt a thousand times hotter still. It was gorgeous though. Really must get back there next time we're in London...