Monday, 16 July 2012


{or, gooseberry and elderflower fool, a recipe of sorts}

Take some gooseberries, stew gently with a little sugar until softened. Allow to cool. Whip some cream. Fold fruit and cream together with some elderflower cordial. Eat.

Photos from last summer, hence lack of quantities. One of those posts I never got round to posting, and then it was winter and the last thing on anyone's mind was gooseberries. Have just done a search online, you may want to check in with Nigel for an actual recipe.


  1. YUM.

    I have been given some elder flowers from a bush near where I work. I think some of my cordial will have to go into something like this!

  2. Oh yum, you know it's been years since I've had gooseberries... seems like something I should remedy soon!

  3. Oh your blog is so lovely! How have I not found you before now?