Friday, 29 March 2013

Hot pink, emerald green, Easter weekend

They send me photos of daffodils poking up through snowy ground, tell me they have the heating on still. I send them pictures of hibiscus, tell them about eating papaya for breakfast.

The lovely Dancing Beastie (also featuring photographs of daffodils and snow) commented on the last post (describing 'frangipani blossoms like heady sunsets', which I just love) and asks if I can tell you where I am. To which the answer is yes, absolutely. I'm in Kinshasa. Congo, Democratic Republic of. 

Six weeks tomorrow and I'm still finding it hard to believe that I am here, that this is my home for the next three years. This country is vast, and complex, and there is so much to learn. 

Happy Easter weekend to you all, even if mine will be slightly less typical than usual, featuring mosquito repellent and pineapples instead of hot cross buns and spring bulbs.


(More pictures of the amazing flora here - flowers which look like sea anemones and are so hot pink as to be almost unbelievable, palm fronds, orchids growing outside (!), oleander cuttings which E brings me from the garden)


  1. I typed in 'Kinshasa' into Google. I'd never heard of it before (and I call myself an Africaphile!) and had to zoom out about ten clicks before being able to get a grasp of where you are. A long, long way from home but WOW, what an adventure!

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you have a lovely, hot Easter.

  3. Yes, really nice photos. I like the pink gum nut flowers - so different!

  4. Fabulous, eye-popping colours, quite dizzying to the British eye! Thank you, very belatedly, for your kind mention and link, and for sharing a little of your impressions of the Congo. By the way it is lovely to see flowers, and to hear of parties and friendships, from a country of which the only news has been bad as far as the British media is concerned. I look forward to gaining a little more of a balanced view from your blog.