Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Black and Gold

After the fireworks on Saturday we walked back to S's house though the mist.

Do any of you know the story of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' in which each night the princesses pass through three woods, one with leaves of silver, one with gold, and finally one with diamonds? I used to love that story as a child, and these photos I took reminded me of the gold wood, only darker, more mysterious, probably with Tim Burton at the helm.

Sorry for including the sparkler image again, just thought it fitted.


  1. Oh! I loved that story when I was a little girl! Thank you for reminding me... Haven't thought of it in years.

  2. Absolute loveliness. These photos are rad.

  3. YES! i love that book. i named my tumblr The Silver Forest in honour of it! these photographs are WONDERFUL! entirely magical.

  4. it looks like the streets are lit with gaslamps.

    so beautiful.

  5. Love the photos, and you're so right about the story, these are perfect!

  6. Wonderful images once again Becky!