Thursday, 23 February 2012

London Love: Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street, London

It is almost the weekend people. I have that wonderful Thursday night feeling, only a day between me and Friday 5pm. It has been a hectic week at work, tomorrow won't be any better, but just there, on the horizon, tantalizingly close, is the weekend.

So, what are your plans? Maybe you don't yet have any. Maybe you happen to be in London and have a window of opportunity on Saturday morning. If so, do this: head for Maltby Street market. Jump on the Jubilee line, get off at Bermondsey. Wander for a little bit, stumble upon market stalls and tiny shops in the railway arches and surrounding buildings. Buy a custard filled doughnut from St John Bakery. Drown in its deliciousness, the sugared batter, the creamy, vanilla flecked filling. Try to eat it slowly, elegantly. Fail. Buy an espresso from Monmouth Coffee, or if, like me, you don't drink coffee, watch other people get their morning fix, wish your overly developed sense of bitter didn't prevent you from participating. And then explore the rest of it. Open studios at the London Honey Company, beer tasting at The Kernel Brewery (which comes highly recommended), cheese from Neal's Yard Dairy amongst others. Bergamot lemons and blood oranges to brighten a winter's day. Shellfish and sausages, buffalo mozzarella and Bea's of Bloomsbury cupcakes.

When you're done, you may, just may, want to head up to Borough Market, Maltby's older, more popular sister, but only because you've got an addiction to this cheese and need a fix.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Afternoons

This time last week I'd just built a snowman.

Friday, 10 February 2012


January came and went surprisingly painlessly. Normally I find that it drags, slowly. Skiing for a week took a big chunk of it. Hard to feel low with the wide open sky and snow covered mountains. So that was part of it. But, also, January was filled with good things. Bloody Marys on a Sunday, a walk in Stoke Newington cemetery, pub roasts and dear friends. New friends too, river walks, post work drinks, tea rooms in old pet shops. Maltby Street market with one of my oldest and bestest, then the new White Cube gallery in Bermondsey. Friday nights out with the uni crowd, tapas then tiki, or in with spaghetti and friends made a year ago. Ceremonials pretty much on repeat on the ipod (And I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart). A breathtaking exhibition of the Scott Shackleton expedition photography, taken in too quickly one lunch break. Columbia Road flower market, which never disappoints. Walking home with the fattest bunch of Dutch tulips. Brunch at The Breakfast Club, pancakes stacked and syrup smothered, and at Dean Street Townhouse, Eggs Florentine, velvet covered seats and wonderful service. Cinema trips (Shame, The Iron Lady) and discovery of brilliant North London pubs.

No, January was not so very bad at all.