Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I say yes to everything. 

Salsa classes, circuits sessions, Downton Abbey evenings, Mexican brunches, rooftop parties, housewarmings of people I've only met once before, historical film groups, quiz nights, impromptu river trips, fabric shopping, a visit to the stables, Bocce matches, French film screenings, poker nights. 

Tennis tournaments, even though I haven't played for over ten years, never had any hand eye coordination in the first place, even though I cannot serve. A trip to the golf course driving range, though the lack of hand eye coordination applies to this too. The after party of the trophy tour of the UEFA cup, despite the fact I'm not into football, that the presence football big names is lost on me.

Barbecues of friends, barbecues of friends of friends, suddenly no invitation is too far removed, no event is too random. Because how else, all alone in a new city, country, continent, do you meet people, make friends, build yourself a life? Certainly not by sitting at home with the Game of Thrones box set, though there's been plenty of that too. And slowly, slowly, as the days and weeks go by, I think it is working.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Here, they call passion fruit maracuya.

There are three different colours of bougainvillea on the walk to the pool alone.

Right now it is raining so hard it sounds like the ocean is outside my window. Tomorrow the air will feel fresher, slightly, and there will be pothole puddles of unknown depths on the drive to work.