Monday, 24 May 2010

Soak up the sun

A blazing hot weekend full of sunshine and blue skies. Sitting on the top of Primrose Hill late Friday afternoon, the whole of London stretched before me; the whole of summer too. Cocktails by a canal, sweet-sour and thick with ice. Sorbet colours scattered through the city, hot pinks and flaming oranges in the chestnut blossoms and the new piece of graffiti to replace the Chalk Farm Banksy. A London Fields BBQ on Saturday afternoon, charcoal smoke, scorched sausages, and a bare-footed game of frisbee. Back outdoors again Sunday, Hampstead Heath, swimming with ducks in the Hampstead Ponds then drying slowly in the sunshine at buttercup level*, long grass prickling bare legs, sun-cream sticky. Strawberry split ice lollies dripping down hands, French cricket as the sun began to drop in the sky, and managing not to be the sunburnt one at work this morning. Bliss.

* been longing to lay myself down in some long flower-strewn grass since Nath's post last week.


  1. that cocktail is looking sooooo tempting and refreshing right at this moment!

    it looks like you had a lovely london weekend!


  2. You've got to love London in the Sun! Lovely photos - I love the orange roof top adornment.

  3. A wonderful weekend indeed!

  4. What a beautiful description of a perfect weekend. Love the third photo.

  5. Love those oranges... and so want that drink now ;)