Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New York Part II: The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could spend days here, get lost amongst the Pollocks and the Hoppers, the Modiglianis and the O'Keeffes. Samurai armour, Ringo's gold drum, Tiffany stained glass, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. We only spent an afternoon, though I have in the past visited on an A-Level art trip, but still, just the tip of the iceberg. Gutted that we missed the Alexander McQueen retrospective, Savage Beauty, by just a few weeks.


  1. Wow, looks amazing! Definitely on my list of places to go.

  2. Gee, I don't know why I haven't been by for so long! I'm so happy I stopped by today, I love my tour of the MET! Thanks and have a great day. I'll try not to be gone so long next time!


  3. Beautiful, diverse, interesting!

    The Met is on my list of 'places I must see'