Saturday, 14 May 2011

New York Part IV

And so the sun comes out. We meet up with a colleague of M's who was also evacuated from Japan, head to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, contemplate what has brought us here, under the cherry trees which are blossoming in abundance. Clouds of pink and white above green grass, beneath blue skies. Magnolias with creamy white petals, black branches. An exhibition of bonsai, small, perfect. Humid hothouses, stone pools with orange goldfish, terrapins basking in the sunshine. Walking and walking through Brooklyn, soaking it in. Pizza, later, in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, red and white checked tablecloths. Afterwards, we say goodbye to K, and M and I walk together over the bridge, back towards the lights of Manhattan.


  1. Wonderful photos! It all looks amazing there!

  2. Thank you for showing me the flora of NY.

    Also, that pizza looks amazing!

  3. And to think some people see NYC as all skyscrapers and shopping! It's just full of so many beautiful sights, thank you for sharing! x