Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mid-week email (or, better than a cheese Kit Kat)

from Becky
to M
date Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 12.27 PM
subject I have found a new love

Last night, back late from work, I opened the box of Rococo milk chocolate sea salt wafers you gave me. They are thin, imperfect discs, almost translucent in places, crack satisfyingly when you bite into them, in the mouth they are silky chocolate, salty undercurrent. I think of you as they melt on my tongue, of a time we were by the sea together, Nice 2009, pebbles beneath us, swimming in the blue Mediterranean, salty hair, skin when we get back to the hotel. Or a windswept Suffolk beach, bright sunlight, sand, cold water, the white dome of Sizewell B in the distance.

I eat three, slowly, lingering over each. They were delicious.

B x

(p.s want me to post you some?)


  1. Oh I have seen these in Waitrose and wondered what they are like! Might have to actually purchase some now.
    Loved your memories that relate to food, so many of mine are the same. As I get older I seem to smell or taste things which bring back memories from childhood far more.