Friday, 4 January 2013

Conversations from a move

Mum: I've laid out some kitchen stuff, just take anything you think you might want.
Me: Okay, great, thanks.
Mum: You haven't taken the corn skewers!
Me: Um, not sure I'll need them where I'm going?
Mum: But you might have corn on the cob!
Me: Yes, but I can just use my hands, like I do normally.
Mum: How about this?
[holds up unidentifiable utensil, a wooden handle with a wire loop on the end]
Me: What is it?
Mum: I'm not sure. Possibly for cutting the tops off eggs....or, yes, this is it, it's for lifting boiled eggs out of the pan. Might be useful.
Me: What's wrong with a spoon!?


  1. I have these conversations with my mum. They are fab!

  2. Lol! My best friend was sent to uni with corn skewers. Alas, the never got used! x

  3. God love 'em! Congratulations on the move! What an exciting 2013!

  4. Giggle giggle. They seem to have made a utensil for everything - my favourite obscure kitchen gadget would have to be the egg slicer... so seventies!

  5. I've never, ever understood corn-on-the-cob holders!

    I have to say though, my favourite useless gadget is the thing you put a peeled, hard-boiled egg into - it's got lots of wires and you push it down onto the soft egg and it slices it up. So satisfying!