Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Yesterday it rained. Actually, that is an understatement, it rained and rained and rained, torrentially, with some thunder, lightning and frighteningly agressive hail thrown in for good measure. I was caught in the worst of it on the walk home from the tube station and though only a five minute walk, by the time I got in my clothes were soaked through.

Later, I popped to the supermarket where, having failed to anticipate the rainy weather and the impact it would have on customers' purchasing patterns, they had boxes and boxes of surplus soft fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants) that they couldn't shift and had reduced to ridiculously low prices.

It seemed such a shame to let all that fruit go to waste, so I bought four punnets of raspberries and one of strawberries. As I don't have a decent freezer I decided to make some jam with the fruit I couldn't eat within the next day. I didn't have lots of empty jars, nor do I have a large jam pan, so I did only make a small quantity, but three punnets of raspberries produced 5 decent sized jars of jam, and hopefully went some way to decreasing the fruit mountain.

It feels a little bit Martha Stewart to say this, and indeed that is what they called me at work today when I told them - but it really was very easy...

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  1. Good work! It looks delicious. There is something so satisfying about eating toast with your home made jam on it, makes it taste all the better. I'm off to see how the greengages in my parent's garden are getting on, with a view to try and made jam from them, let's hope it turns out as well as yours did!