Friday, 31 July 2009

Past Finds - Part I

I seem not to have been doing very well on visiting charity shops, car-boot sales and auctions recently (Deptford market from last weekend aside). Mainly I think because I have spent the last few weekends in London, and I never seem to be able to find as many bargains in the capital. I find myself wandering round Spitalfields or Portobello admiring lots and lots of the vintage brooches and floral teacups, but resisting buying them as I know that sooner or later, if I am patient, I will find something very similar in one of my out-of-London charity shop trawls, and for a fraction of the price.

The town where my family live in Norfolk is excellent on the charity shop front, and also boasts a weekly auction where my sister currently works. I also always found Cambridge pretty good, and spent many a Saturday morning in the last year browsing the charity shops whilst M battled through Physics exercises in the library (I had graduated at this point, M, on his four year degree course compared to my three, had not).

So, in an effort to prove that my home is populated by many a second-hand item, and in the spirit of celebrating what I already own rather than going out and buying more STUFF (of which I have far too much), here are a few of my favourites....

A trio of gold birds that hang on the wall in the style of those old-school flying ducks, from a Norfolk charity shop.
One of my larger buys; an old nursing chair bought in auction for £12. It was originally covered in a faded green velvet, rather worn, with awful fluffy binding like a giant caterpillar. It's a shame I don't have any 'before' images. Anyway, I loved the shape, and the detailing at the top of the legs, so put in a bid for it with the intention of having it re-upholstered. The fabric was from a remnant roll in a sale and only cost a tenner, and the re-upholstering was about £50. Not my cheapest ever buy, but it is completely unique and I reckon it still cost less than a basic Ikea armchair. It sits in the corner of my bedroom for me to throw discarded items of clothing onto, or for friends to perch on for a quick chat whilst I finish getting ready, and I love it.

I have lots and lots of second-hand china that I have collected over the years from charity shops, boot sales and hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. These are just a few of the more recent pieces (aside from the stacked rose teacups in the bottom right-hand corner which are part of the very first rose-patterned tea set I ever bought). I think I will go on and on collecting this sort of thing, and then one day have a huge mismatched tea party for everyone I know.

(and thanks to Seeds and Stitches and I will Make Do and Mend for giving me the idea of a 'home shopping' post)

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  1. What a superb collection of delicious things! Good work on the chair, it looks brilliant!