Monday, 27 July 2009

This weekend:

Papa John's takeaway pizza and Mad Men DVD on Friday night with M and Cath (who brought gloriously sticky baklava from her local corner shop for dessert). Loving this BBC drama and love love love all the outfits worn in it.

Deptford flea market on Saturday morning where I found a rather sad looking brass lion coat hook that I have been trying to clean with vinegar and an old toothbrush. Coffee and hot chocolate from The Deptford Project cafe, located in an old railway carriage.

Saturday lunch at the recently discovered Comptoir Libanais on Wigmore street, a shared mezze platter followed by a rosewater macaroon. Delicious and very reasonably priced (although we were treated by M's older brother, so didn't have to worry about this!) and I would definitely recommend it.
The afternoon was spent lazing on the balcony with cups of tea and the remains of Friday's baklava and was interrupted only by my exciting discovery of a ladybird on my sweetpeas - so glad to have some help with the greenfly.

Saturday evening we headed to a friend's BBQ where we made the most of the warm evening standing around in the garden drinking Pimms, eating grilled peppers and catching up with friends.

Yesterday morning we went for a run in Regent's Park (hardcore I know, but we're in training for this, and we did spend most of the weekend eating!) then popped by the farmer's market to buy some Kentish cherries. Lunch included these radishes, which I must confess I bought largely for their bright colours, a baked Camembert and some new potatoes from Mum's garden.

Sunday afternoon I devoured the cherries as we sat at my ridiculously slow laptop and finally got round to booking a holiday after weeks of umm-ing and aah-ing about the destination.

At 5ish my friend Sophie arrived to stay for the night and we baked some cupcakes that were meant for Cath who we were planning to visit after supper. Unfortunately we never made it, the Jubilee line was down and after waiting 35min in the drizzle for a bus that never came we gave up and went home to eat the cupcakes ourselves with a cup of tea and Edward Scissorhands, which M and Sophie had never seen in full, and which is still as good as I remember.

Hope you all had relaxing weekends too.

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  1. Oh wow. I must must must get to see this. Thanks for posting! And thanks for the mention, im flattered.