Sunday, 4 October 2009


I love throwing parties, but sometimes I think that perhaps I get a bit too carried away with a theme. Take Friday night's London themed party for example...

As Anna and I sat at the kitchen table on Thursday night, her cutting pigeon silhouettes out of grey card, me making Union Jack bunting out of string, paperclips and 12 for a £1 postcards, it occurred to me that most people are content with dim lighting, plastic cups of wine and a bowl of crisps and that this maybe was all a bit too extra. The thought crossed my mind again on Friday morning as I cut cupcakes in half to turn into mini Victoria sponges, and later as M mixed red, white and blue cocktails (Pomegranate Martinis, Lychee Punch and Blue Lagoons). I'm not sure either that many people would turn a Union Jack tea towel into a cushion cover by hand stitching it to a blue pillow case, purely so it could take pride of place on the sofa. Still, I enjoy doing it, and my friends all enjoying coming (though possibly more on account of M's rather potent cocktail mixes than the well thought out decor!), so I think that probably makes it okay...

(I didn't actually take that many photos on Friday, I was a bit too busy before it started trying to perfect 1960s style eye make-up, and a bit too busy during it catching up with friends and keeping drinks topped up!)


  1. looks and sounds amazing. how did you get the pinking shears style edging to those perfect cakes? a bit extra is always good in my book!

  2. Don't worry about getting carried away, it looks great - I'm loving the pigeon silhouettes, and those mini victoria sponges are just gorgeous!

  3. Wow, what a fab theme! and I love the pigeons!!