Sunday, 25 October 2009

A weekend of orange

Smoked salmon draped over soft cream cheese in chewy bagels. Aptly named, exotic looking flowers early Sunday morning at Columbia Road flower market. Leaves everywhere, turning shades, falling. A bright carrot soup to be eaten with thick slices of bread from the farmers' market, and thin slices of hard goat's cheese. Pumpkins in the supermarkets, reminding me to plan next weekend's costume. Bright coffee cups, full of hot, frothy liquid. A root vegetable korma from the pages of the new Nigel, glowing with tumeric.

And a few fantastic foxes.

(film image from here)


  1. you've just made me so incredibly hungry and craving a salmon and cream cheese bagel!
    lovely post, as always :)

  2. Delightful photos...the salmon bagels look especially yum!

  3. Oh delicious, I haven't eaten yet and will now have to!!! Too bad I have no lox... nor cream cheese, nor bagels...

  4. Ooh, just discovered your very lovely blog! So glad I did...

  5. That soup looks great! And fantastic mr fox is one of my favourite films! Just looked on Anthropolgie website and i want a fox for my door too now!