Friday, 2 October 2009


This January, M and I will have been together for four years.

I am hopeless at decision making and in the early stages of our relationship, before we were officially a couple, made a list of the positives and negatives of going out with a tuba-playing, boat-rowing physicist who didn't really like to dance. This list was rather extensive, squeezed onto a scrap of notepaper and written during a particularly mind-numbing lecture on flood management, and not, looking back at it, probably the best way to decide whether to embark on a relationship or not. The content was not particularly enlightened, written more, I suspect, to pass the time in a dull lecture rather than to actually provide answers, with comments such as 'Tall - useful for heel wearing' and 'Good at explaining how gears work, planes fly, boats float etc.' in the 'Positive' column and 'Needs haircut' and 'Physicist' in the 'Negative' one. In the end though, 'Actually can't stop thinking about him...' won out, and here we are, three and a half years on.

Which just goes to show that however bad you are at decision making, somtimes you shouldn't overthink things, but rather pay more attention to floodplains and river channels instead.

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  1. who needs a CV when you can just say 'I'm a tuba-playing, boat-rowing physicist'. class.
    also, you must have missed the episode of friends on writing lists, I hope chubby ankles weren't on there anywhere, that rarely helps things...