Monday, 9 November 2009

36 questions

I have been given an award by Fay over at the very inspiring Dreaming of an Aga. Thank you Fay! Just going to rattle these answers off...

1. Your hair: brown, shoulder length
2. Where is your cell phone : on the desk beside me
3. Your father: an architect and fan of classic cars
4. Your mother: teaches English as a foreign language and loves growing things - fruit, veg., flowers, everything!
5. Your favorite food: Italian
6. Your dream from last night: I think I was probably too tired to dream!
7. Your favorite drink: a cool glass of water on a hot day
8. Your dream/goal: Oh to own a bookshop...
9. What room are you in: still at work. Sigh.
10. What is your hobby: cooking, baking, taking photographs, charity shop browsing, knitting, sewing, reading
11. What is your fear: making wrong decisions. I am pretty hopeless at decisions.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: still happy.
13. Where were you last night: on the sofa watching the final episode of Mad Men Series 1, eating risotto and lusting after the costumes.
14. Something you are not: decision making (see above)
15. Muffins: Ooo yes, what Fay said, apple and cinnamon (though never had Baker and Spice ones)
16. Wish list items: still a freezer
17. Where did you grow up: London, NW3
18. Last thing you did: Drank a cup of tea!
19. What are you wearing: Smart work stuff, heels, black tights, pencil skirt, black top, and pearls. They make me feel professional, like a 1950s secretary!
20.Your TV: A rather old one.
21. Your pets: none as I live in a fourth floor flat and don't fancy a hamster.
22. Your friends: so glad that so many of them have now moved to London!
23. Your life: happy, mostly.
24. Your mood: hungry...
26. Missing someone: my sister who has just gone off to university.
27. Vehicle: not in London though there is a car in Norfolk at my parent's that I'm insured on. No idea what type. It's blue.
28. Something you're not wearing: fairy wings?!
29. Your favorite store: Daunt books.
30. Your favorite colour: it depends on the context, but green is good.
31. When's the last time you laughed: at some doing impressions in the office today.
32. When's the last time you cried: can't remember but I just bought Bambi on video in a charity shop so I'm sure the tears will start flowing as soon as I stick that on!
33. Your best friend: I would class lots of my friends as 'best', for which I count myself very lucky indeed.
34. One place you go over and over: Columbia Road flower market.
35. One person who emails me regularly: my sister, since she went to uni.
36. Favorite place to eat: Mai Thai on Parker's Piece in Cambridge. Sadly I haven't been for awhile as I am no longer living there. Checking out a Thai place near me with some girlfriends later this evening which I'm hoping will prove to be a good substitute!

Phew, lots of information there! Think I might just open it up to all you readers as I have lost track of who has received which awards and you are all lovely! If you do answer the above questions let me know and I will link to your answers in a future post. Sorry for being lazy, it has been a long day...


  1. Oh! Crazy. We have 99% of these in common, from the English teaching mother to the being terrible at decisions (I've never met anyone worse than myself, except for maybe my boyfriend!). Lovely!

  2. Does your 1950s secretary look have anything to do with mad men? I so need to start watching that show!

    Also love your answer to what you want to be in six years time... that made me smile :)