Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Worth being late for

I am struggling with the lack of daylight I seem to see these days, restricted as it is to mornings and weekends, and the knowledge that soon it will be weekends alone. On mornings like today, when the sky is heavy and cloud filled it seems like those dark mornings are already here. Monday however was bright and crisp, and I decided to take the camera on my walk to work to capture the turning leaves and morning sunlight. Though it did make me 5 minutes late, it was worth it to feel that I had done something before 9am, tramped over dew-damp grass and made eyes at a squirrel, rather than having the extra 15 minutes in bed and nothing but trodden-on toes from a cramped tube journey to show for it.

(I know this has been mentioned before here, but don't you agree the buildings of Whitehall viewed from St. James' Park look absolutely like something lifted from the pages of a fairytale? I have long thought so, just never before had my camera to caputre it.)


  1. these photos are so lovely, definitely worth being late for!

  2. Fantastic pictures and I wholeheartedly agree about the Whitehall buildings and the light situation. I had one of those days on Monday when everywhere I turned I seemed to happen across a photo but my husband had the camera and when I had it back yesterday the weather was of course dire!! Certainly seems like it is going to be a grey old November here in UK. xx

  3. that last photo is crazy cool, it looks like some chateau in France or something! also, you made eyes at a squirrel?!

    I can't believe the leaves are only just turning now for you, our trees are bare up here! well, I say bare, I just looked outr the window and they aren't quite yet, but some types are...( i promise I'm not lying...)

  4. Oh thank you for those photographs. I lived in London for a while when I was young and I love the feeling your pictures bring me.

  5. Oh lovely! I love London and never get tired of going. I got to visit for the first time a year after college and thought it would be the only time I would ever get to go.

    I have been very fortunate that I have been able to make several trips since (I accompanied my husband on a business trip in September -- going on someone else's dime is the best way to go!) and each time has been an absolute delight. It will never lose its thrill.

  6. Oh, I totally agree with you on the lack of daylight. The other morning it was sunny so I cycled the 20 minutes to work and I wish I'd had my camera and could have just kept cycling around, taking pictures and making the most of the sunny Autumnyness. I do love the Whitehall photo - I've taken the same myself and it does look magical. You're so lucky living in London.

  7. Hey Becky, I came across your blog from "Good night little spoon" and it really caught my attention. I hope you're not too much suffering from the lack of daylight these days. I am going through the same. I have to get up really early and come home after like 6pm most of the t ime. I really miss sunshine