Thursday, 12 November 2009

Finds this week

Some autumn inspiration.

I have just joined this (starting to feel festive...must be the cold snap we've been having).

I'm excited about this too, thanks for the reminder Ray!

Katie, a friend from WI, is behind Fat Quarter, an online magazine, 'for and about intelligent, savvy, cultural, creative, crafty women'. Mosey on over and have a browse.

(Okay, the Hummingbird Bakery cupcake is less of a 'find' than a purchase, bought to cheer me up on an extended lunch break with M yesterday when I thought I was going to have to stay at work until the early hours of the morning and miss out on a previously planned cinema trip with Anna. As it was, things wrapped up at 8pm and I managed to make it, just. But I'm convinced the magic of the star sprinkles and cheery pink icing had something to do with it.)


  1. That cupcake looks yummy! Whenever I visit London I head straight to Hummingbird!

  2. I found that ornament exchange through rhiannes blog and joined too, i'm far too much in the christmas mood already, think I've got half my shopping done at least!

  3. Delightful post. Lovely blog and will be back to browse through your earlier posts soon!

  4. By the way your hydrangea shot is stunning!

  5. i love hummingbird!! nightmare on a saturday though!

  6. MMMmmmm this cakes looks sooooo yummy!