Sunday, 22 November 2009

Student lifestyle

We visited a friend who is studying in Oxford this weekend. The weather was pretty grim, with wind and incessant drizzle, but I had a very enjoyable, albeit damp, wander down Cowley Road where I made more than a couple of purchases in the charity shops before heading to a branch of the fabulous G&D's Ice Cream Parlour. It may have been cold and wet outside, but inside was so warm and cosy and brightly lit that what was initially an order of 'one small hot chocolate please...' soon had added '...and a scoop of Dime Crunch with butterscotch sauce'. Yum.

The evening consisted of many ludicrously cheap cocktails at a college bop and dancing and dancing. Sometimes I get pangs of longing to be a student again, partying all night then spending the day lazing around with endless cups of tea - but then I remind myself that there was a significant amount of work to do in addition to all that and that there really are plus sides to not having an essay deadline looming.

Lazy, guilt free, Sundays most definitely have my vote today.


  1. I never lived in student housing (well, I lie, I did for a couple months but was very shy), nor did my very tiny university have a proper campus, so I never really went through a typical *student lifestyle*. That doesn't mean that I didn't stay out very late and drink lots of alcohol, because I did; but only for a short stint, and I was quickly over it in under a year. So I suppose I don't miss it - I quite like being a homebody nowadays!

  2. What did you buy in the charity shops? Desperate to see!

  3. I get that longing too. It sucks not to have that student lifestyle anymore.