Sunday, 31 January 2010

Night at the museum

Friday night was the Natural History Museum's late night opening, so Anna, M and I headed down to South Kensington to sip some wine and peruse the glass cabinets full of dinosaur bones, ancient fossils and strange creatures pickled in alcohol. Not the hippest way to spend a Friday night perhaps, but I am still a seven year old at heart, and not ashamed to say that the rows and rows of carefully classified specimens still fascinate me as much as they did on Saturday morning visits here as a child.


  1. Going to the pub or for cocktails on Friday night are dull and obvious (although I do succumb at times!). Love your idea of going to a museum instead... even though that albino bat is fer-eaky!

  2. What a cool thing to do, I love it there :) Great photos too x

  3. That's so cool - I love the Natural History Museum - it must be great after dark (and a glass of wine). Love the bat!