Sunday, 17 January 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hannah of Seeds and Stitches very kindly gave us a tour of her home last week (see here), and very lovely it was indeed. She asked if anyone else would do the same, so thought I'd share a few pics.

So, without further ado, I present my own home sweet home:

The Living Room

The two brown chairs are a recent addition, my parents bought them from the local auction house in Norfolk and re-upholstered them, I claimed them over the Christmas holidays as they were sitting unused in a room full of boxes. The side table and the coffee table are also both from the same auction house (Gazes in Diss if anyone is wondering). The crocheted blanket on the sofa is not my own creation sadly, but bought in a charity shop for about a fiver. Most of the cushions are homemade from fabric remnants, the union jack one was made using a pillowcase and a printed tea-towel for the London-themed party we had last autumn. And there is even a cushion with a squirrel that I cross-stitched myself (see below). You can just spy the constantly flowering geraniums in the window boxes too. The black telephone is something we had at home when I was younger, and still works even though I don't have a landline at the moment. Thinking of getting reconnected though, purely because the telephone sounds so fantastic when it rings!

Built-in bookcases, which are lovely, but wish there were more as there are so many of my books still at my parents home that I just don't have room for. The top shelf is full of my vintage champagne and Babycham glasses, and the bottom shelf has the glass punchbowl that was a present from my sister (also bought at the auction) and another recent acquisition, a lamp with a china base that Mum found in Oxfam (close up below). It was lacking a shade, but I found one in the John Lewis sale that wasn't too expensive. The Klimt prints on the wall Dad gave me.


The Martini mirror was bought in a charity shop, as was the glass container holding the cotton wool. The silk tulips were a gift from Mum from a trip to France.


Teeny tiny room, but I have brightened it up with images from old 1950s adverts. My collection of Ladybird books also lives here, so one can improve one's knowledge whilst sitting on the loo if you happen to feel that way inclined!


Glass jars for all my pasta, rice, cous cous etc, cookery books in the alcove. The frame on the left has a postcard from the Imperial War Museum, the one on the right is a cross-stitched thatched cottage with flower-filled garden that I found in a Cambridge charity shop. The postcards on the cupboards are also from the Imperial War museum. The radio is a much loved present from M two Christmases ago. And the hyacinths have lasted from my trip to Columbia Road last fortnight! The beautiful calendar in the left of the picture below is from abby try again.


My bedroom is home to my dressing table, which was bought at auction for £40. It was originally a very dark, varnished wood, but many hours sanding it down and three coats of Farrow and Ball paint (in 'String', if you're interested) later gave the end result seen above. In the corner is my Lloyd Loom linen basket, again bought at auction. Below is the nursing chair I have blogged about in the past, it was bought in the auction, and was originally covered in green velvet and tassels, and I had it re-upholstered with fabric from a Multi York seconds shop. It is very low, but useful for flinging clothes onto, or for sitting on when trying to pull on a pair of tights. The suitcases were my Dad's (can you believe he travelled round China with only the middle one - it's tiny!) and the case on top holds a small record player. The frame I found by a rubbish bin on the way home late one night so I took it home with me!

So, that's my flat, hope you like it! If you want to join in, please do so, just stick a link in a comment on Hannah's original post.

Photos taken by both M and I.


  1. oh wow! so glad you joined in! I really like your lounge; i love your sofa full of sofa's and the union jack cushion. I also really like your selection of postcards, and i REALLY love your loo with the ladybird books and vintage postcards! mmm, lets see.. and your suitcase stack looks lovely, as does your dresser and kitchen jars! I really enjoyed that, thank you!

  2. I'm with Hannah, loved all your personal touches and could really see that you love your home and enjoy being in it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. i ansolutely adore your home! aspecially the bathroom and bedroom. xxx

  4. In love with your flat - it's so cute and cosy! I love all the jars in your kitchen - so simple, but so so pretty!

  5. Your flat is lush! I love the dressing table in your bedroom. You are so lucky to be able to live in London and have a beautiful flat!

  6. Adorable!!! I love the 50s advertisements in the bathroom, that's definitely something I would have done (i had 50's food advertisements in my kitchen). And love your bedroom most of all!

  7. Oooh so much loveliness... your home is like looking at a really good edition of living etc! Love the ladybird books, the jars etc etc... and we have the 'eat less bread' and 'turn over a new leaf' postcards too - the OH was v impressed with himself when he brought them home! ;)

  8. ooh i love the glass jars and the lamp that's in your living room =]

  9. your place is filled with such lovely details! your kitchen is so darn perfectly organized and your dresser is just beautiful. also i love the teacups for tooth brushes- im totally going to copy that!

  10. I love your Ladybird books. I remember ours clearly.

  11. Absolutely love the 1950s adverts; very Mad Men! I really need to get some flowers - your tulips are so pretty. Flowers always make me smile.

    What a lovely blog... :)

  12. what a sweet house :) and i have the exact same lloyd loom laundry basket nabbed off my gran!


  13. i have the same suitcase record player!