Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The year to come

Inspired by all the lists of resolutions / intentions / goals for 2010 that all you lovely people have been posting, and which I have loved reading, here is my contribution:

1. Use my recipe books more. I have so many and really don't use them enough, other than to drool over the photographs and descriptions. When it comes to actual cooking I tend to fall back on old favourites that I know by heart. Ideally, I would like to cook something I haven't tried before at least once a week.

2. Learn to understand the science behind my camera. I am a bit of a trial and error photographer, and despite M's best efforts to explain what is actually going on behind the lens, it continues to go in one ear and out the other. I would really like to understand what I am doing and why, for moments when there simply isn't time for either trial or error, and for when M eventually goes away to do his research and I no longer have a science-geek to explain things to me.

3. Get the sewing machine out a bit more often. It is getting very dusty, and I really do need to do something with the bits of Liberty fabric that I rather extravagantly bought in the sales two weeks ago.

4. Learn to crochet. Ray and Fay (and a friend's soon-to-be-sister-in-law who crocheted the Reddit alien for her fiance's Christmas present! Totally amazing!) have inspired me.

5. Grow more fruit / veg. / salad in what little outdoor space that I have.

6. Go on more day trips to places that are within 2 hours train ride from London to explore charity shops and tea rooms and National Trust properties. Possibly when the weather is not so glacial.

7. Floss more.

Think that's enough for now, all sorts of other things swimming round my head but I'll keep it simple for the time being. Hope all yours are going well so far!


  1. oooh good resolutions. I might add the cookery books one to mine too! this awful weather has give me time to bookmark a few veggie recipes to try which i am going to use soon. But I must keep going through the year and stop eating toast for tea!

    I am very lucky to know fay and ray so hopefully they can keep teaching me crochet this year (ray has been our teacher!) I did my first 6 squares before christmas! hurrah!

  2. Funny, several of those are on my list too!

  3. Great resolutions - I also need to use my recipe books more, I have so very many and I rarely refer to them... it always feels easier to google to find something. I have plans to sew and crochet as well. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with all of yours!

  4. You MUST learn how to crochet. It's so easy, that it's really senseless NOT to know how. You can literally make a hat in under an hour if you discover you're in need!
    And I have to add #1 and #2 to my list!

  5. Oh excited to see how the Crochet goes! Also number 7 is great! London charity shops are largely awful!!

  6. What great resolutions/intentions! Good luck with learning to crochet! Looking forward to seeing some your completed projects, Rebecca x