Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wet Saturday, bright Sunday

A wet, cold Saturday. A foray to Camden Passage where I had never been before, where I ogled the teacups and art deco mirrors, bejewelled clip-on earrings and floral silk scarves, but ultimately didn't buy anything because I know I can find these things myself in charity shops and car boot sales. Rain from lunchtime, heavy rain, that swept across the street, penetrating coats and scarves and supposedly waterproof boots. An afternoon indoors, cheese and tomato toasties and cups of tea, part 2 of Day of the Triffids on the video player. A Brick Lane curry with friends in the evening, turmeric, Garam Masala, chilled Cobras, the warmth of the restaurant to counter the damp cold night outside.

Sunday, bright and clear, more sunshine than I'd seen in days. A walk round the corner to the Wallace Collection, to view Damien Hirst's Blue Series. I like some of them, but find the rest a bit same-y. 'Floating Skull' shimmers in my mind and 'White Butterflies and Roses' is wonderful, huge and contradictory, both dark and cutesy, gloomy and romantic tumbled into one. Photographing the Marylebone rooftops and cloud patterned sky. Nutty hot-chocolates from Cocorino to warm our hands as we wandered round the farmers' market. M headed off to some friends' house to watch rugby, I made a batch of brownies then headed over to join them for dinner. Very impressed, got fed a delicious stir-fry, cooked by some guys who lived off microwave meals for the entire duration of our university life and didn't seem to know what a can opener was, much less a wok. Times change I guess!

Another weekend over, how they seem to fly...


  1. Aw i love camden passage...the best kept secret of the angel :)


  2. Ah, you were in my manor! Hope you enjoyed it... And can I add Grey Monday to the title of this post? So dull today after yesterday's bright blue sky...

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I miss London...

  4. Just found you and so glad I have!! I love your blog and your outlook on life - and such great photos.