Sunday, 24 May 2009

Four day weekend

Yesterday I woke early, ate my breakfast on the balcony, constructed some bamboo cane wigwams for my sweet peas and and green beans to climb up, then headed over to Portobello Road to meet some friends who were showing a visiting American around London for the day. I didn't buy anything, preferring the bargains and serendipitous finds of charity shops, car boot sales and the local auction in Norfolk, but I did have a Hummingbird Bakery red velvet cupcake bought for me and took plenty of photographs in the sunshine.

After lunch I jumped on a train to Cambridge to visit M, where I wandered round the market, bought some local asparagus for our supper, and generally relished the first May in ages where I haven't got exams to revise for. I won't be so smug when all my remaining student friends are enjoying the long summer and I am stuck in an office, but at the moment the lack of revision associated guilt is glorious.

Today I am braving the X5 to Oxford for a friend's birthday, all three hours fifteen minutes of it, but I have Jeremy Irons reading Lolita on my ipod which will hopefully pass the time...

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday.

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