Friday, 8 May 2009

They say it's Spring...

...but today, in Cambridge for a few days, I stepped outside and, despite the misleadingly bright sunshine, the wind was strong, pushing dark clouds across the rooftops. I have retreated back indoors to nurse my cold with tangerine juice and plenty of tissues in the hope that it will be gone in time for the new job on Monday. In the meantime I have uploaded some photos from the last few weeks which show that Spring is definitely here, even if not quite today.

Apple blossom in the Norfolk garden of my parents' home

Eggs from a neighbour
Violets and Primroses from the garden on our Easter Sunday breakfast table
Tulips at Columbia Road Flower Market
Narcissi in boxes, also at Columbia Road
Lemon butterfly cakes for Mum's birthday tea.

1 comment:

  1. My dear Bec!

    I sit here, eating the last of your delicious rhubarb-polenta cake... How is the new job?

    Lots and lots of love