Monday, 10 August 2009

Geraniums and Sunflowers

How the sun shone this weekend. I threw open the windows and marvelled in the blue sky after Thursday's rain, and how pretty my window-box geraniums looked in the sunshine. We took a walk in Regent's Park, and were very happy to see plenty of honey bees as I know they are in decline at the moment. Then to Orpington for some charity shop browsing and a cookery lesson in South Indian cuisine from V's mother. So delicious, and we all ate far too much. V tells me she may be starting a cookery blog soon (with the help of his technological expertise!) so will keep you posted as she really is a fantastic cook. On Sunday we dragged ourselves out of bed and made it to Columbia Road flower market before it got too busy. I bought a big bunch of sunflowers to help me get in the mood for our September holiday to Nice - they certainly remind me of childhood trips to the South of France, I remember loving the fields and fields of these bright yellow flowers, all standing to attention facing the sun. Glorious.


  1. Oooooooo, your geraniums look very pretty indeed! And i love the angle of the photo.

  2. Taken lying on my sofa, bare legs warmed by the sun, looking up at the blue sky!