Tuesday, 18 August 2009

That's what they call al fresco

At times, wandering around Bruges, the sun was so hot on our backs that I felt we might have been on the Mediterranean coast rather than in Northern Europe. Back in London, it is not much different, as the sun is finally blazing down from a blue, cloud-scattered sky. The basil on my windowsill is producing green, chlorophyll-packed leaves in abundance, and the English strawberries on sale in the supermarket are a deep, intense red. Yesterday evening I met up with some friends. Partly on account of the heat, and partly because of our Euro-stretched purses (the exchange rate is so bad at the moment!), rather than the pub we headed to Regent's Park instead, taking with us a blanket, some bottles of cider, some cans of pre-mixed G&Ts and Pimms, a bag of giant pretzels, and a box of raspberries. We sat on the grass and talked and drank and nibbled as the sun grew lower in the sky and the shadows grew longer and the music from 'Hello Dolly', on at the Open-Air theatre, began to fill the air.

And all that for the price of a single drink, had we chosen to have our drinks in the pub. Got to love al fresco London.
Oh and I have been given my first ever blog award by Trishieokoh at Under Lock and Key so thank you very much to her for that! I am not quite sure of the rules but think I need to pass it on to three other blogs that I very much enjoy reading, who will then pass it to another three and so on, so I am giving it to:

All these blogs brighten up my day whenever I see there has been a new post. Thanks guys!


  1. What a lovely way to spend a sunny summer's day in London! I was relaxing in Greenwich park with family, friends and raspberries but alas not the alcohol (due to the mini person growing in my womb!!)

    Thank you so much for the blog award, it is my first award ever! Fxx

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! :)

  3. this is so cute! :] i love how the simple things in life like hanging out with friends at the park, already makes you happy.

    reading about it just makes me want to do the same :]

    congrats on the award!

  4. Mmmm totally inspiring. I would like to be there right now! sunshine, blankets, pimms, pretzels....

    Thank you Becky, for the lovely award. I really really appreacite it, very touched indeed!

  5. Love your photos =) Your blog is just simply lovely.