Thursday, 27 August 2009

(Non) Rom-Com

( image from The Guardian)

I know this has been written about a lot recently, especially in the American blogs as this film is already out across the pond, but I have just returned from a free preview screening of (500) Days of Summer with Anna so feel I must post.

We both loved it.

The witty dialogue, the envy-inducing wardrobe, the lust-after apartment interiors. The realism of a relationship that it displayed, albeit in an off-beat, quirky way, complete with a musical style street dancing number at the peak of the relationship and oh so clever split screen to display the protagonist's expectations of a party he attends, compared to the reality.

Relationships aren't perfect, they do end, people don't (or can't) always express what they are thinking, feeling, as eloquently as Dawson's Creek would have us believe. The film breaks down many of the chick flick cliches that we are continually exposed to, and my only quibble would be that it didn't fully follow this through. Without giving anything away, I feel that the film would have been stronger, and I would have left feeling more satisfied with its message (though also, admittedly, more teary), had it finished about 5 minutes before it did.

All in all though, one of the best films I have seen in a good long while and I am very tempted to go see it again next Wednesday when it is out on general release.


  1. I still have not seen this movie... but i know i must.

  2. Looks like a great movie. I will have to see it. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.Good luck with the wedding and I hope you find all the swans you need. Regards, Simone

  3. thanks for the film recommendation I do prefer to watch something if I've heard a "real" person mention it before (same with books)
    I am enjoying reading back through your posts :-)your cupcakes look divine!
    Lesley x

  4. I so want to see this film! Can't wait until it's out properly on Wednesday - it's been doing the rounds on the American blogs for ages and I'm getting pretty impatient!