Friday, 28 August 2009

The Knitted Tank

(image from MTV)

On the phone to M this morning, walking through the park:

Me: I loved the outfits in the film last night, even the male ones. I'm going to buy you some knitted tank tops to wear in the labs this autumn.

Him: Tank tops are geeky.

Me: Darling, you're about to embark on a three year PhD in Particle Physics, you are geeky.

[offended silence]

Me: But I love geeky.

Him: Thanks.

I'm still not sure I'll get him into one, but if he needs further persuading I can always show him this article from Boxwish. If it's good enough for Brad...

(image from Boxwish)


  1. yep. he needs to embrace the tank top. although you do need a certain body type to wear one i think, broad shoulders are a must.

  2. Awwww, that was cute! I wish someone would call me a geek that way! LOL!

    you guys are so adorable!

  3. that was charmingly written!
    good luck in your quest to get your man in a sweater vest!!
    I have had zero luck with my man so hopefully you will be the pioneer regarding this mission.
    We are all counting on you.

  4. I have read M this post, and all the associated comments and I feel that he might be coming round...

    @nath - I read him yours and he thought for a moment before saying, "Well, I do have broad shoulders...".

    I'm going to take the angle that tank top wearing is some sort of exclusive activity from now on and see where that gets me...will keep you posted!

  5. i love when guys wear those types of tanks. I make my guitar hero wear them... well haha not make... i made him try it on... and he loved it.