Monday, 10 August 2009

Past Finds - Part II

Some more old charity shop finds - although I did raid the charity shops of Orpington when visiting a friend on Saturday, so have some new finds to post about soon. Above is a favourite item of mine, a little glass oval box with a rabbit on the lid. It was 20p from the Salvation Army, quite a bargain I think. It is probably meant for trinkets or rings, to sit on a dressing table, but after giving it a thorough wash out I use it as a tiny butter pot for the breakfast table - it will be even better when Easter comes round.

Below are my vintage champagne and Babycham glasses, which buy whenever I can as I lose them at a rate of about two breakages per cocktail party! 'Buy whenever I can' is actually a bit of an exaggeration - as with most things, I will only buy them if the price is right. There were six Babycham glasses (with the deer on) in Cancer Research in Orpington on Saturday, but £3 each was far more than I was willing to pay.

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