Thursday, 1 April 2010


Four days of weekend stretching before me...delicious.

Train to Norfolk today, where I nestled down with my book, munched a banana, and watched snippets of other people's lives passing by through the window. There is rain here, heavy, blown sideways by the wind, that soaked my silk skirt and made my tights stick when I ventured into town today. But there are also daffodils, bright in the garden borders, and eggs fresh from the market that will be tomorrow's breakfast. There is a sister, home from university for the holidays, and news to exchange. Best of all (perhaps) there is fast, fully functioning internet and a desktop folder full of Paris photos that I have been longing to upload. I'm back, momentarily at least.


  1. yay!!!
    you got anenomes to, aren't they the best, I wish their season was longer...

  2. Welcome back to internetland! Ahh, I love Norfolk - it's so beautiful there. Have a wonderful, relaxing long weekend!

  3. Hope Norfolk is in fact far sunnier and less windy than the absolute freezing down here in Suffolk!

    Have a fabulous long weekend.