Thursday, 29 April 2010


A little bit of a celebration is in order I feel as this morning the long long awaited wireless router was finally delivered, and this afternoon, with a teeny tiny bit of telephone help from a more technically minded friend and a little more from the Virgin helpdesk, my flatmates and I manged to get it up and running.

This is a slightly false celebratory post, for as soon as I set up the internet I had to leave for Norfolk where I am writing this now, but just the thought of that lovely wireless connection waiting for me when I return to London on Saturday night fills me with joyful anticipation.

So three cheers for effective complaint letters, the Royal Mail delivery man who positively bounded up the stairs to me this morning, and functioning wireless internet a mere two months after we called to request set up!

Photo of gorse taken at Dunwich beach over the Easter weekend. No connection, just thought it seemed cheerful.


  1. Gorse v. cheerful indeed. Congratulations on finally having a wireless connection!

  2. Yipee!

    (Short and sweet and far more appropriate than the four letter rant which you usually hear from my on matters of internet providers!;)


  3. Hurrah indeed! Three cheers for postmen bearing nice parcels, and the cheerful gorse flowers are lovely. By the way sorry but I didnt make it to WI on Tuesday , I wanted to but boring things came up - next month though!!
    Looking forward to seeing you posting again soon!

  4. YAY!
    great to have you back, and I love that your postman got in on the act too :)
    it almost makes it not worth moving doesnt it, everyone seems to have this problem.