Thursday, 17 June 2010


Reading Moon Tiger yesterday, my breath so taken away by the beauty and heartbreak contained within its pages, especially those passages describing World War 2 Egypt, the sand and the desert and the vast night sky, that I return home with the desire to look at my own photos of a trip to the Sahara whilst in Morocco. Open up my external hard drive to try find them. Search and search. And search some more. Realise that photos from my second trip to Madagascar are also missing. Search more, and more frantically.

Swear a bit.

I still haven't given up hope completely, but it is looking like a couple of files worth of precious photos have disappeared into the technological ether.



  1. Becky, I can imagine the panic, but try very hard not to. Computers are very, very good at holding onto stuff in wee secret places!

  2. oh no oh no oh no, i completely sympathise - i once lost all my photos due to a glass of wine i spilled all over my ibook (RIP). there was a lot of *!*!!$*. I hope yours might still pop up, fingers crossed....
    (book sounds brilliant, however - i loved A Stitch in Time when i was little and had no idea she wrote for adults too - exciting discovery!)

  3. Thanks guys! I'm keeping everything crossed...will keep you posted.

  4. Becky I hope these aren't lost forever, really I do. Like someone else sad computers (especially external hard drives) are usually very good at keeping things. I do know how you feel though as we lost all of our house build photos on a $%%&*& computer!
    PS: Love the Peonies - I have some just the same colour at the moment xx