Friday, 11 June 2010

Today I Saw

Jill Wignall's wonderful 'Today I Saw' project has finally come to an end and to celebrate a whole year of the project Jill organised a postcard swap for readers to get involved in. My contribution went in the post today, not half as good as Jill's brilliant line drawings, which really seem to capture the essence of a moment, but I was very happy to take part nonetheless. The collected entries can be seen on the Today I Saw Flickr group, and the postcard Jill sent me in May is here. Enjoy having a browse of both Jill's blog and the Flickr group, you can absolutely get lost in the snippets of other people's lives.

I am still devastated that there is no more home-grown asparagus to be had this year, but making a little postcard about it certainly cheered things up!


  1. Becky, this is brilliant! I will spend alot of today look at those pictures. I wish i'd known about the group, i'd have joined in!

  2. I totally missed this! I'm not one of the diligent bloggers you mentioned on your previous post. Oops.