Friday, 18 June 2010

Today I Saw a Brilliant Postcard

I received my 'Today I Saw' swap postcard this week - love it! Thank you to Jeremy from the US, and apologies that my humble offering pales in comparison to this fabulous line drawing. My father is an architect and always takes a small sketchbook on family holidays to fill with black line drawings of the buildings and scenery. This drawing really reminds me of them, and I get a little bit of that holiday feeling just looking at the boats and the two soaring birds.


And thanks once again to Jill for organising!


  1. What an utterly beautiful picture, and what a lovely memory!

  2. Such a sweet postcard but it does make me think it is the start of a little ditty.

    Today I saw a lot of boats in the long beach harbour,
    I wish you had been there and introduced me to your father?!

  3. @Anna - ha, that works really well!! Might scribble it on the bottom in pencil!