Friday, 18 June 2010

Remember the swans?

Do you remember last September when I did the table flowers for a wedding featuring lots of china swans? Well, another friend saw the photos and asked that I create a similar thing for her own wedding, so up to Norfolk tonight to do the arrangements then across to the event tomorrow.

Different colour scheme and different Cambridge college as the location, but same bevy of swans swimming down acres of starched tablecloth. Who'd have thought that my eccentric little collection of china waterfowl, which started out as a car-boot sale whim, would become so popular!?

Hope everyone has a splendid weekend, back next week with photos...


  1. Yes, so sweet! Very talented indeed!

    Cant wait for more pics.

  2. at least you didn't sell them all at a car boot after the last one! they are gorgeous Becky, have you not thought of floristry?

  3. Love these photos - one of my neighbours has a giant swan planter on her balcony, I am going to sneak round to take pics when they're not looking!

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xx

  4. Yes I remember them - in fact, I remembered them the other day when I spotted a little china swan in a charity shop, and thought of you! How funny that you would be talking about them again just a few days later. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. Such a lovely idea - I predict future flower arranging commissions coming your way! Hope the day has been great.

  6. That is so amazing that you can use these time and time again and so lovely to be able to help out friends with them too.

    One talented lady!

  7. they are so lovely ....stylish and beautiful with just the right degree of whimsical - i'm not surprised it's catching on. hope you had a lovely weddingy weekend.

  8. How very special to be able to put a collection to use in such a beautiful way. Do you still look out for more china swans?

  9. Aww thanks for all the positive comments guys!

    @Rebecca - never really considered floristry full time, but I do love making the arrangements! Thinking I might do a little bouquet making course as I have never been brave enough to volunteer to make these for the brides, too worried it will go wrong and be immortalised in the wedding photos forever!

    @P.K - I was looking out for more swans up until last weekend as I new after the first wedding that someone else wanted me to do another, think I might stop now though as I have quite a lot!