Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Evening Excursions

A hot weekend of lazing in parks with strawberries or by the river to watch the football, strolling by the canal and around the surrounding neighbourhood just to get out of the heat of the flat. Only truly being alert and not lazy with heat during the balmy evenings. Friday night at an end of term exhibition private view for one of London architectural schools, guests spilling out onto the pavement and into Bedford Square itself. Champagne from plastic flutes as we looked at light displays and to-scale models or mingled beneath vast plane trees. Moving on to another end of term party with friends of friends, dancing beneath the pillars of the neo-classical main building glowing purple in the darkness, BT Tower visible across the skyline. Saturday night out with M, to the most wonderful restaurant followed by the most wonderful cocktail bar, which are being awarded posts of their own as I am still dreaming of them...


  1. Beautiful pictures, and what a lovely weekend you seem to have had!

  2. Sounds like you really made the most of the glorious weather we were fortunate to have this weekend.

  3. So much pretty light and colour in these photos. Yes, the clarity of the evenings compared to the hazy days is such a gift at the moment.