Monday, 18 October 2010


Friday night catching up with Madagascar friends, one icy pink hibiscus Margarita after another in Wahaca, laughing, reminiscing, ambitiously planning reunion trips. Beautiful autumn weather in London, bright mornings, bubblegum clouds at sunset. A climbing session with C, marvelling at how much better we are in the space of a few weeks. Sore red hands, covered in chalk dust. Breakfast on rose patterned china, German pumpernickel bread, eaten how we do when visiting friends in Frankfurt, cream cheese, sliced plums, the last of a pot of glossy damson jam. Talking to M on Google voice, amazed as ever at how technology can diminish distance. A vintage fair with Anna in the beautiful Old Finsbury Town Hall, all stained glass windows and exquisite detailing. Polystyrene cups of tea, Victoria sponge, floral wipe-clean tablecloths, like being at a country church fete in the middle of the city. Meeting another blogger, and friend of Anna's, with her pretty flower-filled vintage china. Making up parcels to post at work today, how I adore the packaging featuring a teeny Little Red Riding Hood on the Italian sweets destined for my sister.

Thank you, thank you, for all the comments that keep pouring in about M's departure, so very appreciated.


  1. Yay a fellow climber! It is the most amazing exercise isn't it? I haven't been since March - which is pretty pathetic. I've never been to an indoor wall - where do you go in London?

  2. I always meant to learn to climb- i know i'd be hopeless though! Madagascar sounds amazing- am already dying to go back to Africa, and Madagascar and Rwanda are top of the list of places I want to go to.

    Vintage fair looks fab - I do love drinking tea from polystyrene cups- bitter with cheap tannin, thick with full cream milk.

    You are a very good sister to give those sweets away...

  3. Hello Becky, and thank you for visiting! Love how you write; there is music in your words. Hope you're doing ok! :)

  4. I love your pictures, they're always so lovely xx

  5. Lovely pics on your blog, just ran across it!