Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween Weekend

Halloween weekend is almost upon us...I've got a Halloween Ball to attend tonight, dress code is 'the Damned and the Beautiful', and all my costume currently consists of is a black dress. Given that it was one in, one out at the fancy dress shop, supervised by a security guard, as far back as last week I think I'm going to have to find inspiration from items I already own. Here's hoping that I can get by with some enthusiastic back-combing of hair and imaginative application of eye-liner...

I'm also planning to make a batch of these pumpkin cupcakes which I remember rather fondly from last year, very delicious.

What are your plans for Halloween weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun dress code! Hope you manage to think of tsomething :)

    I'm going to see the Black Keys on Saturday night (not very Halloween-y), and going to see Dawn of the Dead at the cinema on Sunday (slightly more Halloween-y). Hope you enjoy the ball!

  2. How awesome - a Halloween Ball. Brilliant theme too. I still haven't decided on a costume, and the best fancy dress shop in town is bound to be rammed tomorrow so i'm going to have to really get creative! xx

  3. You could be Morticia Adams! she wore a black dress!

  4. Make shift costumes are always the best, it shows ingenuity. What effort does it take to put on a prepared costume from the fancy dress shop?

    I'm going to a party as a vampire - just because I want to wear a wig and red lipstick really.

  5. I played a 'perfect' house wife for a haunted house. it was on a top floor of a community building that was extremely old and left in awful condition. i took over the kitchen. my outfit was a red v neck dress and striped stockings with heals and a pearl necklace. i was throwing things around and slamming cabinet doors and finally, when they came into the room i'd switch over to super nice (and creepy) mode and tell them dinner wasn't ready yet, and they'd have to move along. i even had a volunteer sit at my dining room table with her face in her plate. it was a great time!

    i hope you have a great halloween!

  6. Lovely photos - I enjoy the way you write! :) We've got our annual family halloween dinner on thurs (belated having been in the US) so maybe I'll pop some photos up regarding that