Friday, 25 September 2009

...and some china ones

The night before the wedding Mum and I stayed up until nearly midnight, cutting Oasis florist's foam to size, soaking it, and then filling each china swan with a random arrangment of flowers and foliage, but keeping some to peachy tones, others more pinky. The next morning we loaded them into the car and drove through the September sunshine to my old Cambridge college where A&T were to be married. They were distributed down the long tables in the high-ceilinged, eggshell blue hall, between silver candlesticks and polished champagne flutes.


  1. Ooh they are so pretty! I love that they are all different, it's such a nice touch. Well done you!

  2. I've absolutely fallen in love with these, and I've never really been a fan of the swan school of chintz, but they work so well with those colours of flowers :)

  3. I just love what you have done with these swans. My friend had a black one and I wish that we had put flowers in it like you have!