Thursday, 24 September 2009

Back for a moment...

...then off again early tomorrow for a weekend on the South coast with my parents. But just thought I'd check in, thank Rebecca from Daydreams in Lace for the tag (will write my ten things when I next have a moment!), and say hello to everyone...I promise that there will be a wedding post soon (thanks for all the positive comments on the last one!), with plenty of pictures, and a holiday post too, again with many photos, as I have had so much fun playing with the new camera these last ten days.

I leave you with another little photo from the wedding, this time one M took, me looking out across Front Court into the blazing sunshine...

Arriving back from Nice tonight to the cool evening air, that day, with its unexpected heat, seems so long ago. But I am so thrilled to be able to fully embrace autumn now!


  1. beautiful shot! your outfit looks fabulous. you sound as though you're having a wonderful time! more pictures please!

  2. Lovely vintage outfit!

    welcome back!

  3. I love your hat! I went to a wedding last week that was not so classy, and insisted on wearing two vintage hats (one for the ceremony, the other for the reception). The entire day I was known as the Hat Lady. But why not!