Friday, 25 September 2009

A real swan...

I am with my parents in a small house by the sea in Dorset. There is a stretch of water at the bottom of the long, thin garden, and when we walked to the Quay of the nearest town there were dozens of swans drifting on the water, their cupped wings almost translucent in the evening sunshine.

Right now, I am sitting on the comfortable blue sofa, semi watching a DVD with Dad, but I am also am going to make the most of the fact that my mobile internet is working, and start on the posts I owe...


  1. ooh, i live in Dorset! where do they live?

  2. @nath
    We're staying in Mudeford near Christchurch. Went to visit some other family friends in Poundbury today and did a bit of a drive along the coastal road past Chesil Beach...beautiful part of the country!

  3. and so near me! i live in Bridport. ha! maybe we can do a blogger meet-up next time?